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Mission Compatibility Partnerships

“This is not about clean energy versus the military mission, It is about understanding each other’s needs and working together.”.”

Col Russell Diggers


80th Flying Training Wing

Sheppard AFB


CASE STUDY:  Texas Military-Wind Energy Project

  • GIS Mapping Tool
  • Study and Assessment of Impacts of Wind energy on military missions
  • Creates collaboration between industry and the military to seek win-win solutions

SONRI has decades of experience in helping military installations, state and local governments, and nonprofit conservation organizations partner to protect military missions, enhance natural resource management and conservation, and promote renewable energy development.  SONRI founder Steve Bonner served as Special Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Compatible Land Use where he ran DoD’s Readiness and Environmental Protection Integration (REPI) program, and he served as Chief of Staff for the creation of the Military Aviation and Installation Assurance Siting Clearinghouse.  In addition, Steve founded two land trusts, one of which, is devoted exclusively to promoting compatibility between natural and agricultural resources and military installations.