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The effects of poorly planned growth are all around us, with impacts on the water we drink, the air we breathe, our quality of life, and our children's future.  Sustainability, whether for the building of a new bridge, harvesting of timber, or creating a "Friends of the Park" group, is no longer a watchword, it is an imperative.  

Sustainable thinking involves a number of fundamental factors:

  • Is the project economically viable?
  • Will the project be easy to maintain long term?
  • Is there a reason to do the project beyond economic benefit?
  • Can the project improve our environment?
  • Does the project help people?
  • Can the project contribute to improvements in the quality of life for many people?
  • Where do the materials for the project come from?
  • Are the materials for the project renewable?
SONRI brings this kind of thinking to every project we support.  View this VIDEO to learn about a project our President, Steve Bonner, supported.