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Our society cannot function without the infrastructure to support our way of life.  In today's world, that infrastructure includes not just roads, bridges, water lines and sewers, but also our telecommunications and energy networks, airports, seaports, and waterways, and the parks, open spaces, and natural areas that support our quality of life.

SONRI helps federal, state and local government agencies tackle the tough issues of crumbling roads and bridges, overtaxed electrical grids, and the burgeoning information services economy. 

We provide provide research and analysis, planning and planning facilitation services that:
  • Help policy makers understand complex issues and relate the consequences of policy decisions to real life impacts on communities,
  • Help policy makers and advocates communicate better,
  • Help engineers, architects, planners, and designers take a more holistic approach to project design, giving life cycle costs the position they deserve in decision making,
  • Help private citizens have a better educated and clearer voice in the debates around infrastructure projects in their communities.

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